Hospital Rio Doce

The Rio Doce Hospital is a philanthropic institution maintained by the charity foundation Fundação Beneficente Rio Doce. It was established in 1966, when the then-mayor Senatilho Perin realized, in the work of a maternity hospital built by his predecessor Antenor Elias, the possibility to turn it into a General Hospital, giving it the juridical personality of a Foundation to be self-managed. Therefore, the Foundation expanded the Hospital physical space, constituted its legal instruments and, on July 26, 1969, the new Hospital was inaugurated.

Through Law Nº 529, of June 22, 1970, the municipality of Linhares donated to the charity foundation Fundação Beneficente Rio Doce the maternity hospital Maternidade Carmosina Elias building with its equipment and furniture. Initially, the institution was named Linhares Municipal Hospital. Only in 1977, with the revision of the statute, did it come to be called Rio Doce Hospital (Hospital Rio Doce, in Portuguese).

With more than 6,000 m² of built area, 170 beds, five operating rooms, two delivery rooms and more than 300 doctors on its team, the Rio Doce Hospital is today a reference in the treatment of cancer and coronary diseases to the northern regions of Espírito Santo, southern Bahia and eastern Minas Gerais.

The Rio Doce Hospital is also a reference for urgent and emergency cases in traffic accidents that occurred on BR 101, the primary federal highway in the country, which crosses Linhares and several neighboring municipalities, as well as weapon injuries and any types of polytrauma.

Performing, every month, about 6,000 consultations in the emergency room, 930 obstetric consultations (including 270 deliveries), 550 surgeries (low, medium and high complexities), 16.8 thousand exams (including therapies and diagnostic imaging), 2,875 cancer care and 900 hospitalizations, the Hospital also provides excellent service in Neurosurgery, Hemodynamics and Cardiac Surgery.


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