Mission and vision


Establish and apply a new concept of service provision in Medical-Hospital Assistance, offering the most qualified health team and prioritizing the patient as the greatest asset of our institution.

Promote health without any distinction, guaranteeing public access to our services and our structure in a humanized way, with quality, affordable costs, and socio-environmental responsibility to promote the satisfaction of all who come to us.

Keep our employees trained, updated, and motivated, generating endless benefits in the care of our patients.


To be a self-sufficient and surplus hospital, with quality in structure and service, being perceived as a reference in the treatment of people and partner of the brands that invest in Rio Doce projects.

Our business

Our main business is to generate quality of life for our patients and their family members, ensuring dedicated care to all who come to us; in addition to offering innovative solutions in medicine, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and psychological support.


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